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Amine Benembarek

Rabat, Morocco



Face of Coyote

Step 1: Selecting Your Text

Excerpt: And sure enough he found a tiny child lying in a clear place in the sage. It was about three months old by the size of it, Pancho thought. He picked it up and lighted a match to see just what kind of a thing he had found, when--horror of horrors!--the baby winked maliciously and said in a deep voice, "Look! I have very sharp teeth." Pancho did not look. He flung the thing from him, leaped to his buggy and galloped for home, beating the old horse with the butt end of the whip and howling like a dog.

The reason I chose to adapt chapter IV from The Pastures of Heaven into a screenplay is mainly due to the subtle fantastical or supernatural references within the story. From the moment I began reading the first few paragraphs in which Tularecito spoke as a 3 month old baby, the story grabbed my full attention. It then transitioned into a more realistic account of this strange misunderstood boy's, abnormal life, in a very believable way. The masterful fashion in which Steinbeck tells this tale, is what attracted me most to developing my own screenplay adaptation.

Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay

Final Draft


Second Draft


First Draft


Step 3: Writing Your Logline

Tularecito, a strange young boy abandoned at birth, discovers his true origins delved in fantasy and supernatural.


A quick illustration of my favorite scene in the story, when Pancho meets Tularecito for the first time!

"Look! I have very sharp teeth."


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