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Face expression practice

Wow so I haven't updated my project in a while because I have been a bit busy over christmas, but I have time now! so I just drew some face expressions, I think it's fair to say that some went a bit better than others, after watching the face expressions video I copied a few of the faces as you can probably see, the video helped a lot! thanks so much Patrick! I would apreciate some feedback so I know how I could improve, that would be so awesome! thanks!

I have just drawn a few poses for practice, as I have never really drawn people so I kinda need it! Watching the video showing how to use basic shapes to create a person helped a lot! because I have always found it difficult using simple shapes and then building the drawing up from there, I just tended to go straight in without using any guidlines, and I know now that makes it more difficult! I don't think I will use any of these poses in my work thouh but it was good for practice!

Hi I'm Dani, I'm 16 and I am a huge fan of your art patrick! I just love all of the emotion and motion it contains! your art speaks words without words, if you get what I mean? I just love it so much! not to mention some of it is fanart of some of my favourite games. Just too cool!

I really love Red dead redemption, it is my favourite game of all time! and also the undead nightmare edition was awesome, because I just love zombies, I am also a huge fan of the walking dead, both the show and game, which brought me to my idea, I just thought why not combine all the things I love? so I was thinking of doing a drawing of John Marston from Red dead redemption being chased, attacked or killing zombies and somehow being linked to the walking dead, I'm still not fully sure of what I am going to do yet, I'm just hoping that some cool ideas will pop up in my head as I go along.


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