Face Oil Label

Face Oil Label - student project

HOLY MOLY, this is hard! I've never played around with hand drawn typography before and now I know why. I didn't think this would be so challenging. It's definitly stretching my skillset, which is awesome. It's taking me FOREVER, though.  

I had to think of a name for my "brand" first, and I came up with a variation of my name...or my husband's, actually. His last name is "Bland" and I researched vintage toiletry labels and saw a few "Madame Such-and-Such..." and that seemed to fit. 

Here are my sketches/thumbnails. I'm thinking of creating a circular tag that will hang from the bottle that will just be the face. 

Face Oil Label - image 1 - student project


Hello, my name is Erica and I'm a UX/UI designer and have also done freelance Illustration. This label is for is a personal project. 

I love crafting and making bath salts and stuff and have been wanting to make some face oil for a while now - all I need now is a label!

I want to combine typography and illustrative elements into the label to make it look like it could have come from an old school apothocary. I want it feminine, but not super girly with a black and white color scheme. Maybe an accent color?

Here's my mood board:

 Face Oil Label - image 2 - student project