Fabulous! by Miss Beretta

Fabulous! by Miss Beretta - student project

31/01/14 - Welcome to the Fabulous! Girl project by me, Miss Beretta.

I started looking up pictures of my favourite celebrities shopping and came to the conclusion I wanted my Fabulous Girl to be a self secure lady in her 30s. She's accepted her body and knows which style fits her best. The shop is a luxurious environment where she can hang out for a while and have a fancy coffee in daytime or a glass of champagne during the extended hours. I got particularly inspired by pics of Gwen Stefani and my girl is going to be based on her. At this stage I also collected reference for the shop interior, mainly comfy baroque chairs.

This is my first initial sketch!

Fabulous! by Miss Beretta - image 1 - student project

I'm planning to do two more, inc. one of two ladies shopping together. Also, I like to change the clothing to something more layered and interesting.

01/02/2014 - I did two further sketches. Not sure which one to go for! I think I'd prefer a single lady for my final project though.

Fabulous! by Miss Beretta - image 2 - student project

Fabulous! by Miss Beretta - image 3 - student project

03/02/2014 - Today I finalised my project and this is the result!

Fabulous! by Miss Beretta - image 4 - student project

For some reason she ended up looking a bit vintage / rockabilly! I'm quite happy with how the hair and clothing turned out. I did her in watercolours and ink. Really enjoying working in this style and I learned a lot. For a start, I really like the idea of the yellow "ghost" sketch to start of with. I would have never thought of this myself and I'd probably have started with the ink lines... and end up with a big, rigid mess! The purple shading also makes the whole sketch come together. Thanks for the tip, Jennifer!

Next time I'll probably try and make her less laboured looking. I did spend too long worrying about the shading on the disco pants, rather than just following my intuition. If I had more time, I'd added some backgroun too. Also, I think the neck could be longer to give it a more fashiony look. Looking forward to feedback from you guys!

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