Fabrics | Floor pillow

Fabrics | Floor pillow - student project

Hi, I am developing a few products. One of them is a floor pillow to be used for kids, adults.

I am a creative designer with many skills, from branding to develop a website to create patterns, producing. I can save a lot of money for these steps, helping me to go faster and keep costs at home.

I am looking to do the following steps:

1) Create a prototype with someone who has expertise with manufacturing in scale of 500-1000 pieces. I am based in Los Angeles, I am trying to find someone who can help.

2) Trying to figure out the costs of producing in China vs USA or partially in China and pillow filling in USA as there are legal restrictions on material, fire proof etc. Not sure where to know about these.

3)I need a serious EXCEL file that shows costs, shipping, taxes, etc. I have done a basic one that show how many sale I need to do to recoup my costs, but I need to go further.

4) Wholesale versus online shop? Is the future of online shopping good, or is my store going to be another Etsy shop lost in the vast internet world? ABout using Amazon and other subcontractors? What are the real numbers, anyone who can shares sales numbers?

5) Wholesale vendors: How to deal with stores and reseller, agreements? Setting a fixed price, inventory, balance, etc.