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Sam Armijos

Builder of Custom Architectural Fabric Structures



Fabric Architect LLC: One of a Kind Protection from the Elements

My biz is: Fabric Architect is a design-build specialty contractor of tension fabric structures.

It sells: custom awnings, umbrellas, tents and lightweight structures made of architectural fabrics. 

To: designers and clients in the sports, retail, restaurant, transportation, commercial and residential industry. 

I do this because: I love Fabric Structures. It is my passion. I love the experience of being under one of these structures. I want to share that passion.

It benefits others by:

sports: providing unique shade and shelter from the elements to both player and spectator. It's a part of the Experience.

retail: providing unique shade and shelter for pedestrian areas, cars and public spaces. Structures provide different forms of human comfort.

restaurant: providing unique outdoor covered dining spaces with lasting impressions. Added revenue by being able to use this covered space.

transportation: providing protection from the elements while waiting or going from place to place. Happy commuter experience.

commercial: Providing unique outdoor covered spaces for visitors and employees. Happy tenent and employee use.

residential: providing unique covered outdoor living spaces. Extended living without the increase in construction or taxes.

-Ultimately, it is a company that support my family and future generations.

Biz problem: The element (sun, wind, snow, rain) affect your needs or business. They need protection.  

My company's solution: We provide unique solutions to your shade, shelter and signage needs.

My Idols

The best companies that sell a similar service or product are:

1. Tuuci: US Based company that sells High end resort umbrellas and small scale fabric structures

2. Fabric Architecture: UK based company that design and builds custom fabric structures and has its own line of standard products.

3. Birdair: US based company that is the leader of large custom fabric structures. They have an umbrella division as well.

What are they doing so special?

1. Brand recognition.

2. Beautiful website with great pictures.

3. Clever writing and it looks like they are having fun.

The best companies that solve a simliar biz problem:

1. Eventstar: US based company that specializes in special event contracting.

2. Landscape Forms: US based company that specializes in outdoor site furniture.

3. Eide Industries: US based company makers of outdoor metal and fabric structures.

What are they doing that is so special?

1. They produce and perform in a timely manner.

2. Quality products.

3. Provide both custom and standard services.

Regardless of the industry, the companies with the best customer service are:

1. Amazon

2. Pizza Hut


What are they doing that's so special?

1. Get treated well online.

2. You can see the process of your order.

3. Great shopping experience.

The best companies that reach my target audience are:

1. Birdair Umbrellas

2. Landscape Forms.

3. Polygon

What are they doing that is so special:

1. Branding

2. Offering both custom and stock items.

3. Beautiful products and website experience.


Things I uncovered from my research:

1. Nobody has price on website.

2. Project with people are more interesting.

3. Little to no video.

My Promise

My biz's product/service is outstanding because:

1. My products use the best materials in the market and the products I represent are from the best in the world.

2. My service is based on a "project team" basis which provides the best fit based on the client's needs and budget.

My product/service is something they need because:

1. My customer doesn't know they need it or regret not having it when there is a need for shade or protection from the elements. A lot of education is needed.

I'm deeply in love with my customers and show them my undying love by:

1. Always being there for them. Reliable.

2. Keeping them informed.

3. Being a resource. If I can't do it, I will find someone who can.

The special sauce that makes my biz unique is:

1.I focus on small scale unique structures which combines my architectural experience and fabric structure knowledge. I do the project the "big firms" dont want to do and that the "mom and pop firms" can't do.

My Results

The system I have in place to ensure consistency is:

  1. Reliable team of consultants and suppliers.
  2. Quality control of all aspects of products.
  3. A system implimented to keep the client informed of the process of the job.

My unexpected joy is:

1. I use my book as a gift to close a sale.

My piece of Mind:

I test my business model before spending alot of money. Specifically, I'm testing by speaking to:

1. Both people in and out of my industry.

and doing:

1. I have a website out, I am blogging, emailing and using social media to get peoples reactions to my business.


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