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Sam Armijos

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Fabric Architect, LLC- Covering the Alfresco

Your Business or Brand:


Fabric Architect LLC specializes in custom tensile fabric structures and architectural umbrellas that enhance your property and protect your outdoor spaces from the elements (rain, wind and snow). Fabric Architect LLC is owned and operated by Architect Sam Armijos, AIA who has been designing and building fabric structures for over 30 years!

  • We specialize in custom small scale and modular tensile fabric structures.
  • We have a proven process for building complex tensile fabric roofs using a network of independent consultants and manufacturers.
  • Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Business Owners call upon us to provide design assistance, estimates, preliminary loads, fabric samples, specifications, foundation design, fabrication or complete turnkey services.
  • We deal in HDPE, PVC, PTFE and ETFE, just to name a few.
  • We work directly with clients or thru designers, engineers and contractors.

11 Questions:

1.) What is Marketing for? What does this department/function/budget exist to do?

Marketing is for telling a story and getting the word out to your ideal clients.

2.) What are we allowed to touch?

Everything. You are allowed to touch the story, the process, the product and the materials.

3.) What can we as marketers measure?

We can measure interest thru leads.

We can measure what works with sales.

We can measure what doesn't work with time.

4.) What can we change?

Everything. We can change strategies. We can change process. We can change materials. We can change the story.We can change our focus and energy.

5.) What promise are you going to make?

I am going to promise an experience and product to the client worth wanting to share.

6.) What’s the hard part?

Perception. Getting prospects (Architects and clients) to incorporate them more in their projects/spaces. Getting people to understand and appreciate their benefits.

7.) Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

My organization is creating trends and follow trends. What problem or need can we solve with lightweight structures? What trend or want can we solve with lightweight structures?

8.) Where is the risk?

The risk is in trying to do everything for everybody.

Spending time and money creating products that don't trend.

Following the wrong trends.

9.) Who is in charge?

I am in charge.

10.) Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

I am spending money on networking. Attending meetings, lectures, presentations in hope of meeting new prospects and telling my story. 

11.) How should you be spending your time?

I should spend my time writing (social media, blogging, etc.) and getting the word out to my prospective clients and researching materials, trends, needs and wants.

MY Action Theory of Marketing DRAFT

Emotion: Delight: Emphasing the pleasure and benefits with images of people under fabric structures.

Change: Change the perception of fabric structures as only temporary or seasonal. 

Alert: We want to be the trusted source for information, inspiration and problem solving for shading, signage and shelter. We place emphasis on my book images and blog.

Share: Use my book as a giveaway to specific clients. Let them share it with others. 

The P Words

Place: I want www.FabricArchitect.com to be the "place" for anyone who loves "Fabric Architecture" and needs the best protection from the elements.

Personalization: Fabric Architect is about educating people about fabric structures and being a source AND resource. The company is presently based on my knowledge, experience and personality. If I can't do it, I can lead people to who can.

Public Relations: Fabric Architect will grow to be the trusted source thru building, Blogging and social media.

Positioning: We don't do large custom stadium roofs. We don't do standard rental tents. We are not a "mom and pop" awning company. Our niche is small scale custom structures.

Purple: Our goal is to be designing and making things worth talking about.

Persistence: We want to show up online and at Designer and User Trade Shows and Conferences on a consistent basis.

People like us: Our tribe is people who want a modern, fun, festive and unique shade or water protective enclosure for their activity.

Placement: Looking to see if I should be associated with local awning and tent companies on a referral basis.

Promotion: Offering my book as a prize for periodic design competions.

Of the 50+ concepts covered in the lessons, what are the top concepts you'll use to generate Emotion, cause Change, earn the privilege to Alert and encourage people to Share?

Marketing Point of View


What do you stand for and what are you trying to accomplish? Include what you don’t and won’t do, what you believe in and what works for you and for your customers.


How do people find out about you? Word of Mouth

What is promised to them? A resource. People contact me asking for help. If I can do it myself, I will. If I can't, I lead them to a colleague.

How many interactions need to happen before they trust you enough to give it a try?  It usually takes 2-3 iterations to get them to make a decision.

What do people tell their friends about you? I am the "fabric structure guy".

Are there network effects? I network alot in the architecture field to get leads but not too many clients or end users.

Is there urgency to start? It all depends on the application, season, construction schedule.

Is there scarcity? No. Everything is custom.

What does this marketing story remind the prospect of? Pinterest. They look thru all these images and ask me if I can do something like that for their application.

Who is it for? People wanting fun, festive custom "fabric" structures; light, translucent.

And who is it not for? People that are looking for traditional classical architecture

How is it sold? Design/Build contracts.

Does it cost more than the competition? Its competitive.

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What’s Your Story?

I found my passion for fabric structures during a summer in Europe while in Architecture School.


One of my stops was to see the Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany by Architect and Engineer Frei Otto. This incredible "tensile" structure was made of steel, cables, fabric and clear acrylic panels.

I graduated from the School of Architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) where I did my masters thesis in Architecture (M.Arch) on Fabric Structures. During that time, I met many of the major players and pioneers in the field. I went on to work designing all types of fabric structures from awnings to beach cabanas to large amphitheaters. I built a couple of projects overseas in places as far away as Bangkok and Costa Rica.


In 2009, I published a book entitled Fabric Architecture (W.W. Norton) as a visual resource catalog to assist those interested in building fabric structures.

I am a Registered Architect and member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) with experience in sales, marketing and business development. Over the past 25 years, I've worked with U.S., German, British and Australian manufacturers on getting fabric structures built here in the U.S. and abroad. I've learned over all these year that I have a passion and ability to design, find and coordinate the most appropriate structure for people who want contemporary design for their shade and water protection needs.

My goal is to get your fabric structure built.

For more to the story: www.fabricarchitect.com


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