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Fabiola Lara Project

I've played around with Illustrator but I don't understand how to use the pen tool or how to make drawings (pen/paper/ink) and digitalize them using illustrator. I hope to figure that out as well as building things with illustrator itself.

I'm going to try to reproduce this ad... hopefully I can figure out the texture.. we'll see!

Just finished watching Unit 2 and these are the basic shapes i've come up with so far. I want to add the dark and light blue background shapes bellow the hands but I'm not sure what to do since they have a texture.. Do I make a general shape and then figure it out? Not sure how to build that. 

If anyone could help I'd appreciate it!

Here's some process shots

I outlined the hand so you could see I traced it out. I used the pen tool for everything but the hat because I mainly wanted practice with the pen tool.

Feedback is appreciated!


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