Fabien Butazzi - Photographing the World

Fabien Butazzi - Photographing the World - student project

As a full time traveller I thought I could have a channel showcasing the beautiful world we live in... But then Covid happened and therefore I'm stuck in my rented house in London. Waiting to go on exciting journeys again, I'm focusing on showcasing photography in the City and leveraging my expertise in Photoshop and Lightroom to help other creators. I have a few ideas to turn vlogs into something more cinematic but my skills are not too refined right now, so if you join today you'll see me growing, hopefully, and possibly help me as well with requests or recommendations. 
By the way, if you try to get my funny accent... I'm half Italian half French and I lived in London for years, but I also picked a few things from countries I spent time in... See if you can guess them! :) 

Fabien Butazzi
Creative. Nomad. Photographer.