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Dan Duarte

Graphic Design for your mind.



FYH - Good Things do Happen...

Good things happen to those who wait? Nay, Good things happen to those who hustle.

Here are at FYH we believe that luck is when preperation meets opportunity. We all work hard everyday. We strive to be the best no matter what task we take on. Break the cliche. We breathe life into our work because we are passionate about every detail. Going the extra mile is always the norm, no exceptions. We have just 3 words for the competition...

-Fuck Your Hustle

Brand Name - FYH (Fuck Your Hustle)

Slogan - Good Things Happen

Initials Logo - (Below) Bold, Classic, Sporty. A fresh update a old throwback. Recognizable and competitive. 

Script Logo -  LA born, street inspired. Everybody wants to live the dream. You want the girl? You want the  money? Only one way to get it...FYH

Good Things 

Our motto, our motivation.  Creative typography inpired by vintage signage and hand lettering. You'll find this design everywhere from shirts, to cups, to iPhone cases, and maybe the occasional chance to vandalize. 

Currency - The greatest motivator, the almighty dollar.  All that hustle is going to pay off, we promi$e.

The Birdie - FYH's stamp of disapproval.  How else could we tell the competition that we think they're number 1? Vintage athletic typeface, scrolling banner, and an Establish in date to make this digit authentic.

Thank you for your consideration.






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