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I have inked and colored this version...

03/02/14 - UPDATE

So I wasn't happy with the overall look but I love the direction it's going. I decided the word "frozen" just wasn't working the way it was and need to be more of a mouth shape.

I was really Happy with this look so i decided to finesse it  alittle came to this:

I think I'm ready to start inking...

02/26/14 - UPDATE

ok i sketched some more ideas

I decided to go with the sketch where the words made a face with crossed eyes and tongue out.

here is my initial sketch

i like how it is coming along. but i do want to work on refining the lettering a little more.



So I started some where differently then I am now. My initial phrase was "Nobody puts baby in a corner". After some sketching I was frustrated and about to give up. So I decided to change my phrase. Now it is, "Your face is gonna freeze that way". I am a mom so I found it appropriate plus I thought I could have fun witht the word "freeze".

So here is my brainstorming:

I thought the phrase should be represented in a childish way and fun. 

So here are my inspiration images:

(yes, I used pinteres)

I then started to play with the word frozen

at this point, i started to get a excited because I felt a lot of ideas coming through, so I continued sketching...

OK, so now I am at the thumbnail stage and these is where I am freezing up, (get it :) )

I started some sketches .. 

And that is where I am at right now... working through some ideas

What do you think?


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