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FRIENDS - "The One With All the Poker"

Hello All-

Very excited to start this project! What a great excuse to watch TV.

I knew exactly what show and episode to do when signing up for this class. FRIENDS: Season 1, Episode 18. Also know as "The One with all the Poker."

There isn't a whole lot of fan art for FRIENDS (from what I've found), so there is so much room to get really creative! The hardest part will definitely be narrowing down the focus. 

Hope to see more people doing FRIENDS :)



Season 1, Episode 18 (The One with all the Poker)



Rachel - Bubbly, charming, passionate, motivated, spoiled, caring,

Ross - Loving, nerdy smart, witty, artistic, competitive,

Chandler - Sarcastic, lonely, fornatuate, feminine,

Joey - Fun, easy-going, womanizing, loyal, protective, simple-minded

Phoebe - Eccentric, kind, ditzy, child-like, innocent, good-hearted

Monica - Competitive, courteous, obsessive compulsive, neat freak,

Aunt Iris - Strict, harsh, abrasive, smart

Marcelle (Ross’s Monkey) - emotional



- Rachel trying to find a job (get out of coffee business)

- Ross still loves/likes Rachel and boys tease him

- Girls learn how to play Poker from Aunt Iris (meet up twice)

- Play 3 games with boys (lose first two, take third)

- Marcelle (Ross’s Monkey) plays that song over and over again (Google song)

- Rachel gets interview at Saks 5th Avenue (doesn’t get job in end)

- Girls celebrate poker win with wine (end of episode)



- I <3 Rachel Tshirt or on something else?

- Playing Cards, Chips, Money, Coins (Specifically focus on Joker)

- Book of Poker Rules or “Bluffing” (Rule #1 to Aunt Iris)

- Marcelle (Monkey)

- Bag of Pretzels

- The CD of the song Marcelle plays over and over again

- Pictionary game or drawing board/sheet or plates (Group always hides from Monica)

- Rachel’s Resume or cover letter

- Rachel’s four 6s hand (or other noteable hands?)

- Package of Tic Tac’s (Joey fighting hunger crave for Pizza)

- Beer bottles

- 50 cent Limit (Focus on those chips?)

- Salmon bikes (Monica made)



- “Rachel, did you proofread these? Nothing, I’m sure they’re going to be really impressed by your excellent Compuper Skills.” - Ross to Rachel and Groupv

- “The 3 looked like an 8.” - Joey

- “You can’t serve foods with more than one syllable, like Chips, Dip, Pretz...” - Joey

  to Monica

- “Joker is Poker with a J.” - Phoebe to Group

- “When I play poker, I’m not a nice guy...” - Ross to Rachel

- “Everything you hear at a poker game is pure crap!” - Aunt Iris to Girls

- “Do you want to eat or play poker?” - Monica to Joey

-  “YES... or no?” - Phoebe to Group

- “Your fly’s open Gellar.” - Rachel to Ross

- “You know, I’ve had dates like this... “ - Chandler to Ross and Rachel

- “Joey, I’m a little shy... “ - Ross to Joey

- “Bye, bye, birder!” - Monica to Group




UPDATE 4.11.2013

I've been struggling with the whole round table vs. square/rectangle table concept. It's killing my poster design (just as Ricky thought). The perspective has been a little harder to achieve as well. For this reason, my idea has been slightly changed. I've decided to use the round table since it is a very important piece in this episode of FRIENDS and the show in general, but won't be the most dominant feature.

Instead of focusing on the table only, I'm going to incorporate more of the Monica's apartment into the scene. Her apartment is extremely recognizeable because of the color palette used. My thought is to incorporate all the little elements and pieces into the apartment. I'm trying to keep the idea of "After... the One with all the Poker" so the space will be empty as far as characters are concerned. 

My color palette is a little heavy, so that will continue to be refined. Some colors that will be staying for sure are the purple, yellow, and blue. Those are colors are very unique to FRIENDS.

Just a quick snapshot of some progress. Still a little behind, but the plan is to work every day and post progress daily. A long way to go yet.

Feedback always welcome!


UPDATE 4.12.2013

After receiving some extremely helpful feedback from Ricky, I was able to refocus and get my project back in action. My color palette has been adjusted, as well as the overall composition of the project. My thought is to have the apartment "background" elements really toned back so that the table is the main focus (another great suggestion by Ricky). The table and chairs will be larger to show emphasis and a closer, more important perspective. My poster has been updated from landscape to portrait to fit the design idea properly.

Bare with me, as it's still a HUGE work in progress as many changes have been made over the last 12 hours. Still working on the perspective of the chairs and table yet.

Dribbble Shot:

Feedback always welcome! Thanks again! 


UPDATE 4.13.2013

Quick progress shot. Changed up the palette a bit and will continue to add little details (especially table elements). I'd like to add one pattern in two or three smaller areas. Maybe repeat the rug pattern somewhere? Seems like it would be an easy pattern to introduce elsewhere. 

I was able to incorporate the rug pattern again just like I wanted! You should notice some more completed details here and some texturing. On the fence about the the table being blue. Orginally I was thinking your eye is drawn to it since it's the only thing that is blue? Would love any feedback about this and the color palette in general. Thanks in advance! 

Playing around with the light graphic here. Just thought it would draw more focus to the table? Not sold on the idea itself. Is it benefiting the design or killing it?


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