FRESH FLOWERS | Skillshare Projects




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I actually ran out of time on this! The colours still need work, but I needed to get something up!I I learned a lot about putting a collection together though, so I'm really glad I did this class. It feels like a bit of a steep learning curve, but I'm hoping the next collection I attempt is more cohesive.


Here is a few of the sketches I've started to digitised for my hero print. I think I only need a few more and I can start to do work on my repeat pattern. I am a little bit worried about making a repeat pattern work with the bunches of flowers and vases, hopefully it will just work?! I am worried it will be too busy? 


Here are some of my sketches. I did a lot more, I think I panicked sketched and ended up with too many! I really need to focus and think about what would work as an over all pattern, rather than sketch & sketch until I have so many images I don't know what to do with them!




I love flowers, but I wanted to try something out of the garden! So I'm looking at doing a collection focusing on fresh cut flowers. I want to use pretty vases, paper, twine and ribbons! So all the pretty things that go with arranging fresh flowers! I love Dalhias and Daisys too, so I want to have a lot of those in my collection!


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