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Jean-Claude Francois

Founder & Creative Director of François Duperval





Hello everyone, my name is Jean-Claude François and the name of my brand is "FRANÇOIS DUPERVAL". The name of the brand is a representation of myself and what I have to offer to the world creatively. The wordmark for my brand is FRANÇ DPRVL which you will see below. 


Starting my own clothing company is something I've thought about since I was in Middle school. I wanted to create a brand that reflected my artistic expression and creative imagination. I decided to use my last name because I wanted my brand, my company to be brand timeless. High end fashion designers always use their names as the desinger brand so I figured I can too. My parents separated when I was very young so I never had the oppotunity to build a relationship with my mother because of that. To immortilize the woman that brought me into this world, I decided to use her maiden name, "Duperval", as a part of my brand name.




Artistically Space-Bound represents individuals without any boundaries to their imaginations. People who  want to be innovators, people that are not afraid to step outside the box creatively. Art is fashion and creative imagination is what drives it!


Combining artistic expression, creative concepts, originality and street culture to create a unique quality brand for individualistic minds.


We stay true to ourselves, our mission and vision for the brand.  At François Duperval we are very competitive and we strive to produce great quality timeless designs. Every time we release a new design our goal is to make you say “OH WOW THAT'S DOPE!". Our designs are bold, creative, innovative and speak to different subcultures that have inspired us.  We do not blend or conform to mainstream trends instead we want to be the trend setters. In order to stand out you must be different from everyone else, and to be different you must be yourself.


Like most popular brands like; Supreme, 10 Deep, Staple Designs, Stüssy and The Hundreds we are using graphic tees as a platform to open doors so we can accomplish more. The future for François Duperval involves cut & sew, graphic tees, sneakers, shoes, wallets, belts, accessories  and more. François Duperval is more then a brand, it's a lifestyle so we want to be a brand that people can wear for any occasion. From teenagers skateboardings, or chilling with the homie  listening to Hip-Hop or going to a business meeting François Duperval will provide that proper attire. 


The  François Duperval logo is a Chimpanzee standing on a astronaut helmet. The logo represents creative thinking without boundaries and taking ideas above and beyond to another level. It reminds us to explore the world and different cultures because art is diverse.

  • Style guide:
  1. The logo has two colors. A primary and a secondary color.
  2. The primary color always has to be the darker color and the standard secondary color always has to be the lightest color. 
  3. The font style for the wordmark is "Blair ITC Std (regular weight)" and the "Cedilla" must always be used under the character of the (Ç). The wordmark must appear how it is with the "FRANÇ" on top of the "DPRVL"
  4. The scale of the logo on a one inch scale is 1 x 2 1/2 inches. And the scale of the wordmark is 1 x 2 3/8 inches.



The street wear fashion culture is a culture that has many faces. It's a culture that grows everyday with people from different parts of the world, different lifestyles, backgrounds and ethinities. We want François Duperval to touch all of those individuals around the world that love the street wear fashion culture. Art is a universal language that reaches a mass audience and anyone can relate. Our target audience are people that love Hip-Hop culture, skate culture, the sneaker heads, people who are into art, people who are into fashion and people love streetwear fashion. 


Our biggest motivation was Lemar and Dauley and 10 Deep. The first time I saw a Lemar and Dauley shirt I went crazy! They broke all of the rules of what streetwear was at the time and they did their own thing. Their vibrant colors and colorful designs had me amazed everytime. Lemar and Dauley's Andre Agassi tee was the shirt that made me believe in myself. I remember walking into this boutique in New Jersey and staring at that shirt for like 20 mintutes. From that day on, I wanted to return the favor to Lemar and Dauley by one day desigining a shirt that will inspire them like they did with me. Knowing that they were kids just like me fron the inner city made me believe that I can make it too. 10 Deep is another brand that motivates me more than anything. They have the longevity, they are innovators with timeless designs, they surprise you with every collection and they are at the forefont of streetwear culture. They set the bar that I want my brand one day to surpass. When most brands follow the trend and copy, 10 Deep sets the trend. Their slogan "A Clut of Individuals" was very bold and powerful and I wanted my slogan to have the same impact.

In 8 months we at François Duperval have accomplised a lot. François Duperval has become a highly sought after brand in streetwear in just eight months. Within those eight months we are currently in eight lifestyle boutqies throughout New Jersey, New York and Maryland. People can order from our webstore or  walk into Evolve Clothing Gallery in Somerville, NJ, Syndicated Lifestyle Boutique in New Brunswick, NJ, Classic Skate Shop in Bayonne, NJ, Fly Standards in Asbury Park, NJ, Strong Hold Shop in Bloomfield, NJ, Black Flag Shoppe in Paterson, NJ, Bar Boutique in Brooklyn, NY, First Thing First fashion in Waldorf, MD and purchase our brand. Every boutque we get into motivates us to work even harder. After nearly 700 pieces of François Duperval apparel sold through these various boutiques we are more motivated then ever and we continue to work towards out goal.


For our Fall 2013 collection entitled "Lifestyles", we wanted to pay homage to the different lifestyles and culture that has influnced us. The theme pays homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat, pop culture, Hip-Hop and the streets. The graphics for this collections are bold with a strong statement. Every piece from the collection conveys different lifestyles. The purpose is for each piece to tell its own story with captivating graphics with dope colorways.



Art is a very important part of fashion and culture. In our SAMO (Same Old Shit) which was Jean-Michel Basquiat graffiti tag name, we wanted to show the free hand conture lines that Basquiat had in his paintings and graffiti. The crown & words of the graphics are all hand drawn to show that doodled free hand style that Basquait often had in his artworks.

The Lifestyles of Da Poor & Dangerous design is inspired by Hip-Hop artist Big L first studio album entitled "Lifestyles ov da Poor & Dangerous". Hip-Hop plays a big part of our lifestyle beacuse it represents where we come from, how we often dress, who we look up to and more. Big L's first album got my attention because of the album title and cover. The title alone was very powerful because anyone from the inner city or living in poverty can relate to it and understand the struggle. It is one of my favorite album titles of all time and I wanted identify the title with an even more power graphic. The design has is a middle eastern child holding a AK-47. I wanted the design to be bold with colors schemes that draws the consumer in so I added different vibrant color swatches across the graphic. To top it off I added a similar graffiti type shape around the graphic like the original album cover. 

The Kane design is inspired by Hip-Hop artist Big Daddy KaneBig Daddy Kane is considered to be one of the most influential MCs in Hip-Hop. He was also a trend setter in the streetwear lifestyle back in the 1980s and early 90s. A lot of 80s & 90s trends and coming back into style and people like Big Daddy Kane was very influential to those trends. In the graphic Big Daddy Kane is wearing a Cold Chillin' hat with a rope chain and flight jacket. Underneath the graphc says "A LIFESTYLE BIRTHED IN THE STREETS & POLISHED BY LEGENDS"-François Duperval.

Our Eazy design is inspired by Hip-Hop artist Eazy-Z who is also known as the "Godfather of Gangsta Rap". Without Eazy-E and NWA there wouldn't be any hardcore or gangsta rap. The West Coast lifestyle was portrayed in their music and you got a glimpsed of the way they lived through there lyrics. The West Coast has a big influence in streetwear culture so we wanted to take it back to the 80s with this design. The graphic has Eazy-E standing in a almost side profile wearing a "Compton" cap which is still very popular today. Underneath the graphic also says "A LIFESTYLE BIRTHED IN THE STREETS & POLISHED BY LEGENDS"-François Duperval.

The Banana Clip pocket tee is our first cut & sew piece. The pattern on the pocket has an AK-47 with actual bananas as the clip. We wanted to play off the name so we figured having bananas as the clip would be fun and creative. The pattern also has white polka dots arranged around the AK-47. By adding the polka dots and the bananas it brings down the violent tone of the gun to a more pop art and creative look.


These are our best selling designs from our Spring & Summer collection that we decided to bring back with new colorways for the Fall. Every boutique that carried these designs during the Spring & Summer sold out within two weeks. Since then our brand is in more boutiques in New Jersey and Maryland so re-releasing them popular designs to new areas was a smart move. 


These are one of the many things that we are currently working on for the Fall. The iPhone case will be made for iPhone 4 & 5 and it will be limited edition.  François Duperval is more then a brand, it's a lifestyle. We wanted to venture out and do more besides clothes. 


When the summer season started our François Duperval was only 6 months old and we did extremely well. We released ten tank tops in ten different color ways that was in seven boutiques. Every tank top did extremely well and some were sold out within a couple of days. People loved the color schemes, grapchis, originality and the simplicity of the designs. 




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