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Tyler Farias





For my Project I chose a Fox. I wanted something Simple with not to many features in order to keep the final design clean. I brain stomed for about 2 twos anys let my brain do its magic and start visualizing how my project could look. After a litte research I got the idea of how I want my project to end up. 

Step One// Idea and Brainstorming

I thought Maybe trying to tackle a profile image of the fox, but and after some research I wanted to stick with the face, because It was more symetrical and I could practice some of the techniques from the lesson. 

Step Two// Research 

Started my research with google. I read a few articles and watched some educational videos about Foxes to get a background on the animla and understand more. It was a great refernce watching them in motion. Made me have more of an idea how to approach my project. 


These particialr refernces I used a bit more then others because they had more of a head on view of the fox. Really helped me understad the anatomy  of the animal from the front. 

Step Three// Sketching

Scanner wasnt really cooperating so i had to take a picture with my iPhone.  

Step Four// Color Pallete

I wanted to keep the colors simple an realistic. 

I keep the color pallete to a minimum and had enough colors to shade and add deepth. 

Step Five// Taking Shape




Step Six// Adding more Detail & Textures

Step Six// Background [Poster].


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