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FOUNDATION PAPER PIECING BASICS: Create a Butterfly Quilt Block!

I got excited and just went ahead and made my class.  I edited and published it the next day.  It was so much work but so worth it.  I really look forward to seeing others learn this fun skill!  

FOUNDATION PAPER PIECING BASICS:  Create a Butterfly Quilt Block!

I love to teach others to sew and quilt, but being in front of the camera (yes, even in my own house on my laptop) was a little nerve racking.  I began by designing a quick and simple foundation paper piecing pattern on my quilt design software, then created a PDF file of the templates for the class.  Next, I made an example block before filming the Intro.  It wasn't my best choice of fabrics but it gave me an example to elaborate on the importance of contrast, which I was then able to demonstrate correctly while creating the class project on screen.  I recorded the videos in my children's school room since my sewing room got the boot and was moved down stairs when we began homeschooling.  It has two full walls of windows but I quickly ran out of daylight anyway since I spent all day recording and deleting and re-recording.  I eventually got more relaxed in front of the camera and I really look forward to starting another class!  I know I will get better as I go.  

Can't wait to see what everyone has been up to! 


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