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Principal, shu shu design



FOOD (ish)

Update: I'm almost done with this logo! Probably won't quite finish today, but thought I'd post this since our projects are due.

Any feedback would be most appreciated... I'm planning to tweak the light/dark green in the furrows for sure. Might look at trying to stretch the vanishing point up above the horizon just a titch to get away from all the pointy points.  

This class has been great. Loved getting and sharing feedback with others!



I'm taking this class because I'm working on a logo for a grocery co-op and I thought it would help with my drawing and planning skills. So I may end up with only one "badge."

Coincidentally, one of the restrictions on my logo (signage permits have already been established) is that it must be circular. So, that problem is solved! 

Instead of the mind map, I have these lists:

I'm still in the exploration phase, but one of my ideas is the "farm to table" or rural to urban path of the food. This is my current "sketch," minus the name.

The logo will be used in two different locations, but both are in the heart of their downtown scene. I'm also playing with the idea of a basket of food, something bountiful and colorful. 

Excited to be in this group of talented people, and thank you to the instructor for offering this class!

UPDATE: Here are some of the more fleshed out badges that came out of this idea. There were too many small details in the original illustration, so I wanted to simplify the farm to table down to its essence, including just the pasture and the downtown skyline (these stores are in the heart of downtown, where it's often hard to find a full service grocery store, so that's a big selling point). 

Still tweaking, but feedback is appreciated!

Here's what I presented:

They picked the first one. With edits of course. Some architectural changes that will be interesting. I'll post the final. I was a little sad the happy barn lost out. He was so happy. 


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