Ryan Seaman





Hi, my name is Ryan and I chose the FOALS for my project. I saw the Foals play live about 7 years ago in a small club. I had only known a few of their songs but one thing stood out at this show: Energy. I've been to hundreds of concerts over the years, but this one was in the top five for best live performance. People were all over the place going nuts. It was the most energy I've felt at a show in quite some time. People just freaking out. 

That kind of stuck with me through the years and just yesterday, their new album Holy Fire came out. There isn't a lot of info about this band, so my poster is going to have the look/style of how the music makes me feel, along with the mood or persona they portray, according to me. 

I want to mix bright water color with a stark white background, to show the poppy, upbeat vibrance that the band has in most of their songs. I also want to tie in some mystery or melodic type of vibe. So a mix of the two might turn out pretty cool if I can pull it off. 

Lastly, I was using horses in a few of the "crappy" sketches. They seem to use this imagery in a few different places and I thought it would be kind of fun to see where it goes. 

Thanks, any feedback is appreciated through this process. Be honest, that's how we learn :) 

Here's their latest video

Here are a few "rough" sketches:

Here's some inspiration that I'm going for.  

And here's some art from the band: 


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