#FML (Not What you think!)

#FML (Not What you think!) - student project

I want to create a zine inspired by the hashtag #FML. I want to poke fun at the use of the phrase and hashtag in social media. The zine will be illustrated while incorporating twitter screenshots and photos.

I am absolutely amazed when people use the phrase and how ironic it is!

With this zine I will use the acronym in new ways and to generate new drawings and fun ideas!

Some include

Feet May Leave (example shown)

Far More Lettuce

Foxy Mary Lincoln


- 8.5x5.5

- Laserjet Printed

- silkscreen cover

- Sadle Stitched

Can't wait!

#FML (Not What you think!) - image 1 - student project#FML (Not What you think!) - image 2 - student project#FML (Not What you think!) - image 3 - student project