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This is my first ever little teeny tiny zine called 'FLOCK - a tiny tale of friendship'.

I had recently painted an image of a tiny girl riding on a starling and when I came to take this class I knew that I wanted to somehow develop a narrative around this. I honestly didnt have an idea of how that should be, and like Kate recommended, I just started and then let it just happen while I was drawing.

When I started reading about starlings I came across the 'dark sun' or 'sort sol' phenomenon where thousands of starlings gather in the spring and autumn and do a complex dance across the sky before sunset, we watch a little of this outside our window in the autumn, living in very rural Northumberland, and it has always mesemerized me. I wanted to use some of this imagery, but what developed in the narrative was really a short story about a girl befriending a starling chick, caring for it, and eventually becoming part of the flock. Having a very cautious 5 year old who likes to observe before jumping in to new friendships I thought about how the process of joining the 'flock' is not always so immediate and sometimes requires a little patience. I hoped that this deeper concept would come through, what do you think?

I loved that it was a relatively quick project, I think realistically I spent maybe two hours in total, but just cos I got so obsessed with the teeny tiny bird details on the final poster inside!

I wished that I had started the zine on a higher quality paper, as I found that my inky lines where going through and made drawing on the back of the same sheet impossible, I decided to use a separate page for the back but photocopied it double sided after. I now have 20 copies to give away! Any one want one?!

I'd love to do a painted version of this too if I get the time, I do a lot of drawing and sketching in pencil and pen as a starting point, but love to finish my work in paint and colour, tho whether that would work in zine format, quality/cost may not be worth while, what do you guys think?

Doing this project has given me quite a lot of confidence in just developing a story, and not agonizing too much about the words and details. It's amazing what comes when you just start! Here are some images:








I'd love to know what you think! Thanks Kate for an interesting and inspiring class!


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