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FLAT 8 - Welcome Home

From humble beginnings of conversations with friends over pancakes and coffee, FLAT 8 has been a vision for over ten years.

A vision that was turned into a reality in 2012 when Lisa Vanterpool packed her things and traveled across the pond to study for her MA in Publishing. London became inspiration and in her tiny room, at FLAT 8, she became more determined than ever to create what had always been lying in her heart.

FLAT 8 focuses on thoughtful and relevant content. Never one to simply suggest products or destinations to readers, the goal of FLAT 8 is always to inspire through intimate conversations and carefully curated content.

FLAT 8 is a place for people who care just as much about their relationships, travel and style as they do about their faith and humanitarian aide. It’s a place to feel welcomed, relaxed and free to express ideas and opinions. We believe that people are most comfortable in their homes and see FLAT 8 as the perfect place to get comfy, have a cup of tea and relish in the discoveries that make you, you and the joyful moments that make life so sweet.

welcome home 

11 Questions

1. What is marketing for?

I want to use marketing to create awareness and engagement of the brand. To communicate values of the brand and show how and why it's important to our readers.

2. What are we allowed to touch?

Any and all resources that the company has. 

3. What can we measure?

Digital engagement, Audience growth, Growth of contributors and advertisers, Frequency of posting and Growth of resources 

4. What can we change?

The frequency in which we communicate with our audience.

5. What promise am I going to make?

That we will stay actively engaged with our audience.


What emotions do I want to invoke in my audience:

- Delight, whimsy, empowerment, elegance,



We're filling the niche of being an online lifestye resource that incorporates faith and humanitarian aide. We care about travel, lifestyle and entertaining but we also have a passion to stay connected with our spiritual growth and in helping others. Many resources only focus on the exterior qualities of life but we go deeper and wider and explore how our spirituality effects our lives. 


We value those who become engaged readers of our content so we want to give back to them generously. We want to share with them books, products and things that we like with the opportunity for them to win these as well. These promotions will be an added benefit to being an engaged reader. We will also give, 'the key to our FLAT' once we hit milestones for engagement. 500, 1,000 etc. 


"Consistent storytelling and emotions behind the brand- what people want to talk about."

We want people to realize that we are story tellers. We are people who look back in history with an appreciation. We value some of the ways things were done and we find stories of women from the past empowering. We want to communicate with our readers the beauty of history and combine it fluidily with our modern mindset. Our goal is always to both enchant and empower our readers. 


We want to always tell our readers the story behind the story. How we got started as a company is just as important to share with our audience then our faviorte lipstick at the moment. Why? Because we want to empower them. We want people to find their voice and realize their dreams and understand that it is achievable. We will tell the stories of authors behind the book, of the business woman behind her brand, of the teacher behind her students. Our focus is always the story. 


What am I doing to make people think that it works better...

We'll share feedback on a regular basis (once a month) of people who like our brand. A direct quote from a real reader. People seeing other people being happy with us will make them think that it's better. 


Consistency + Frequency 

We will be a constant voice to our audience. In the past we've 'gone dark' online. From here on out we want to be a consistent spark to our readers. On Monday's we always post an inspiring quote or Bible verse to get the week off to a good start. On Tuesday's we talk about travel and/ orwhat we're reading and/or pillow talk. On Wednesday we talk about food and entertaining. On Thursday, we repost a piece that's 'in the vault' and we discuss style and wardrobe. On Friday we recap our week and talk about the weekend. (Schedule is a work in progress) 


What is it like to be with us? When I visit the site, what does it remind me of?

A place of safety, comfort, nostalgia, empowerment, 


People like us, who care about their spiritualtiy and about living a well-rounded life, read something like FLAT 8 because it feeds us in many different ways. It's not just fashion, or just interiors, or just faith, it's all of it, because we are well-rounded women. 


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