Emma McGowan

Writer, Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer



FInd Your Tribe

Hello! Thanks for a great class. 

I chose a short phrase and started with pencil...


Then I did my heavier downstrokes...


Then I noticed that the word 'tribe' looked too far down the page, so I rubbed it out and moved it up. And while I was at it, I figured I'd move it over to the right a bit too since there was a lot going on around that 't' 'r' and 'y' intersection!

Then I outlined in ink using a Uni-Ball Micron...


And coloured in with a Letraset Promarker, which bled a little so the edges aren't that crisp but I don't think it shows too much!


Overall I'm pretty happy with the final version. The 'r' in tribe feels a bit big, and I think I'll have another go giving the letters more space and bounce. I may even take this into PhotoShop to add colour and texture. 

Thanks again!



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