FInal project + Sphere (mini project)

FInal project + Sphere (mini project) - student project

I am a perfectionist, so starting to learn watercolours isn't the easiest thing to do. The colours all blend and swoosh together - which at first was frustrating.

 After a while I let go of trying to make this perfect, and instead tried to find the 'magic' in the process! I did keep fiddling with it, so it ended up far more blurry and indistinct than I was planning - but that's ok!

Techniques used:

  • Wet on wet technique for the background
  • Dry brushing for some of the hair
  • For the teardrop a big splodge of water with a little bit of watercolour in it, that I let roll down the page
  • For her jumper - salt on watercolour

Some things I learnt:

  • Hairdryers are incredible in speeding up the process of layering colour!
  • Previously I'd been using really small brushes, but found a large flat brush half way through - way more freeing to paint with!

Time taken: 1/2 hour

(Photo taken at night on iphone 4, so the quality isn't the best)

FInal project + Sphere (mini project) - image 1 - student project

FInal project + Sphere (mini project) - image 2 - student project