Class title: FITNESS starts from UNDERSTANDING YOUR BODY: significants of BONES&JOINTS

This class is ideal for everybody who wants to start the jurney with fitness or sports. Thanks to this amazing class you will learn the necessary basics of the human body. You will be able to understand every movement  that occurs during exercise or everyday life, you’ll love the structure of the skeleton and the thoughtful way of how nature created us. Every bone has it’s meaning and function. I’ll show it to you.

By the end of the class you will able to understand and describe any movement in human body; during sqauts, push ups, pull ups, whatever you like and can think of.

Project title: Sketch the selected bone on your body & explain every movement of the joints in your favourite excercise

To complete this project we'll follow those steps:

  • basic information about whole skeleton
  • bones of the spine, the chest, arms and legs
  • the most important joints and movements which they do

Why don't you take a photo of sketched bone and share it with us? Also you will be asked to share a photograf which shows particular excercise with your description of movements that occour in this specific situation.

This class is the begining of the journey full of surprises, excitements and secrets among the human anatomy.


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