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Our program creates better health habits for people who strive to live a healthier lifestyle but struggle where they fit in fitness and in overall wellness. We launched our first version to a small pilot group of trainers as well as conducting our own in-house pilot study.We're currently in discussions to make a pivot to focus on individual use versus being enterprise tool for trainers and membership-based organizations.

I got the idea for FIT-ability after researching my personality and taking different assessments. I then took my research and mapped out a fitness program based on my natural abilities and motivations. For instance, because I'm a ENFJ I get energy from being around people, I make decisions based on what my values are and I'm a natural planner. I succeed in a program that allows me to be naturally competitive but form relationships with other people in my fitness group and I can plan my routines ahead of time. I work out 5 days a week and take the same day off every week. I log and track my workouts and share my scores via social networks and apps like Beyond the Whiteboard.

Keeping up with a fitness and nutrition program long-term can be diiffcult no matter how much you are motivated. My goal is to help people like myself who struggled for years trying to figure out how to be healthy.



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