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FIT Labs Business Expanse- Strong enough to fight a Bear!

FIT Labs

Business Model


People are not seeing results from their perceived hard work. 

Lack of guidance of what program would be best to follow to accomplish goals (i.e. Tough Mudder, Half marathon etc.)


Create a system that tracks progress and results instantly.

Unique Value (Proposition)

*Key Point*


Excellent coaching and a holistic approach to health and wellness that can see results after every session.

Unfair Advantage

10 years of experience involving athletic training and exp. In physical therapy rehab.

Customer Segments



Obstacle Course Racers

Rehabbing for a sports injury

Key Metric


Extensive online presence and existing FIT Labs member base.


*Social Media*


Intro Classes

Cost Structure

What do customers pay today to solve these problems?

With so many diet programs and false claims from personal trainers’ members often spend more than $600 per 6 months and loosing valuable time in the process.



Revenue Streams (Currency)

What will you charge for your solution?

$95.00 per month  Unlimited Classes with  1-on-1 session with coach per month for  individuals

$150.00 per month with protein shakes and meal plan, weekly check-ins with BMI, SP02 and skill check




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