FIRST THINGS FIRST - student project

I ran across this class while working on artwork that shows up during the sermon at our church and applied a lot of the tips toward my project. I have limited time to do it and am doing it for free, so I want to get it done quickly. My sketch was among the notes I took and other "don't forget's" I had listed on my page, so I cropped out only the idea I used. Below is the thumbnail I went with.

FIRST THINGS FIRST - image 1 - student project

I used the font Cyclone Inline, which I already purchased from Hoefler & Co. I also used Geared Slab which I purchased from the suggested site Thank you so much for the tidbit!

Below is the type quickly done in Illustrator.

FIRST THINGS FIRST - image 2 - student project

My final piece using tips from the class and finalizing in Photoshop is below:

FIRST THINGS FIRST - image 3 - student project