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FINISHED - The little princess with one of the royal guard dogs.

Here is my finished version, albeit a bit rough. There is a lot that could be improved quite a bit though.. all the major fundamentals actually (i'm not going to list all the things I think are bad.. it would take a while) :-D

But sometimes I think it's good to finish stuff, learn from constructive critique, move on and use what you've learned in future projects.

Big thanks to Mike for doing this. I think it was a very interesting learning experience. Just getting to see a seasoned pro do his thing with a bit of commentary was a real treat, and that alone was definitely worth the price of admission.

I also want to say thanks for the book recommendations. I've already been peaking at Jack Hamm's animal book but never took the plunge. After Mike recommending it I bought it and it's a wonderful, info-packed, cheap book that I most certainly will use for a long time. My dog looks slightly less bad thanks to it :-)

Even though I consider my sketch finished, any and all constructive critique is welcome. I bring the info with me for future use.

Once again, thanks and good luck to all!

Started painting over the latest sketch.

Here is a new sketch with some added wireframe-lines, which makes it easier for me to set up the lighting. Next up painting on top of the shaded version.Here are some value schemes that I'm trying out. So far I like no 5 the most. Looks most interesting when I squint and look at it. Will probably continue working and refining that version. More to come!Ok. Back to the sketch again. I have now tried to work a little bit more on the background, dog and the little girl. I will include a little back story as well, for you to understand the image a little bit better.

Any feedback and constructive critique is very appreciated. After this I will start thinking about refining the environment, characters and start experimenting with values.


Since the kidnapping attempt on the little Princess, the bond between the Princess and the first Royal Guard Dog Itus has grown very strong.

Although the princess was very little at the time, she somewhat felt the enormous power and protective instinct of the mighty Itus. They often go on walks together but never leave the castle without the special safety winch that Itus wears around his chest.


I know this is a character class but I want to at least indicate some background for my characters. Because of that I did som castle studies to get to know that kind of structures a little bit better. Next up a refined sketch of the characters.More studies, now with a bit of value. Trying to get a feel for different dog heads before deciding what style to choose and continuing on my main sketch.Some studies and tests for the girl.... and a few more doggie-studies!I've settled on one of the thumbs and continued to work on the poses a bit more, although it's still really rough. Will try and clean it up before the next update.A couple of really rough thumbs.. searching for a fitting composition.

Since I haven't drawn any dogs before I need to study their structure a bit more to understand how they fit together.. hence more skeleton studies.

I don't know if we are supposed to post studies.. but that's all I have for now :-)Some initial studies for the guard dog.

Studies for the girl character.


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