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FINISHED!: The Angry Armageddon

Hello, everyone!
I figure I better give a bit of a background to the creature in the drawing I'm about to show.

I have been drawing a lovely character I have recently created named "Red Armageddon". Not sure why I chose the title, but I thought it would fit them. I picture them to be some sort of magic-wielding demonic entity of some sort with a witch-like attire. I haven't been able to work on their background yet.. 

So, I decided I would play around with their design and also put some knowledge to composition to work. I played around with their teeth and jaw structure, tried to adjust the eye shape to make them show their anger, and even gave them a tongue to show off what power they can release! I used the Rule of Thirds in the image and I thought it was incredibly handful! The canvas I was working on is 5.5" by 9", so I apologize if it is a little off. ^^;

I must say, I did make a few errors in proportion and the kissing of beads around the antler.. But, I was too excited on how good it came out and decided to show what I am working on!


I shall come back editing this project once it has been completed. I'll even take progress shots, as well. 


Update: Added ink lines.


Update x2: Added flat coloring with shadows. 


Update x3: Finished! I added details with colored pencils. My friend also helped me decide his/their actual name - Aermaggedyn. 


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