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FINISHED! Styling with Natural Textures and Understated Colors

Bed Styling

Sorry again for my awful before photos. This one was at night and obviously no styling involved at all! Literally just things are there. But I'm very happy with the after.

Bed Before:

Bed After:

Here I've added some throw pillows for pattern. The linens and sheepskin help with texture. Even though I really don't like my lamps, this styling really helps pull it together.

And I added some peonies in a mercury container for bling and botanicals. A white patterned candle, a glass tray, and some jewlery add more femine 'life' touches.

Bookshelf Styling

I've always styled my bookcase (or at least I thought I was). But my before is a lot of just storage and no design. 

Bookcase Before: 

Bookcase After:

At first the after isn't too dramatic. But there's a lot less random placement and a more intentional look about it to me. Organizing by color and trying to vary the shape and placement on each shelf helps.

It's also pretty amazing how standing up a record for art and depth really made a huge difference on that shelf. It makes it feel more like 'display' and not just storage.

Adding more botanicals, color, and varing the shape and scale of items really helps here. I need to conseal the wires still but I'm very happy with it overall.

Sofa and Console/Credenza Styling

I've styled my dining room console, and bedroom credenza for the project. I'm still waiting to style my sofa since I have no throw pillows, and a large photo gallery I need to style as well for the vingette. However I did style a credenza in my bedroom.

Dining Console Before:

Dining Console After: 

Obviously day time photos are better - so immediate improvement. Besides that, I cleared out all the junk and stuff I had been storing here and reorgainzed my storage to put it away.

I also changed out the pendant light to one I thought filled the space better. I then switched out the storage on the right side and created a 'bar' out of that space. I also hung these really cute beer + food pairing watercolor prints.

I did my first floral arrangement (yay!) I put these vintage wooden shakers and my glassware (like these buddhas) on display too. The only thing missing here is pattern, so I've been thinking about getting a small area rug, maybe aztec in style?

Bedroom Credenza Before:

Bedroom Crendenza After:

This is a dresser in my bedroom and contains most my makeup and jewlery. I wanted to display my jewlery like Justina says, but I didn't have anything - so I went outside and grabbed a tree branch and boom! immediate display.

I also picked up this mirrored jewlery box since my old one was pretty, well, old and beat. This one adds great bling and shape. The small bowl holds my rings. I added a photostrip and an instant photo for some 'life.' 

Finally the box holds all my makeup and random items and adds texture. I added three morrocan tea glasses with candles and arranged my perfume and tools into three items as well. I had a poster frame laying around, so I put this picture I took of the sagrada familia in it.

Floral + Coffee Table Styling

Here goes the first project in the series... Sorry for the bad before photos, I took it at night. This one was harder than I thought it'd be. I usually have a bowl for remotes and a small pile of magazines. A candle and plant finish the other side. Not too inspiring.



I'm pretty happy with the after especailly from the view on my couch. I have a french pastry book and my favorite magazines here. Great to flip through and get inspired.

I started with two sculptural gold spheres as a collection on one pile. Then I framed the second pile of magazines with a patterned candle and a scluptural owl. 

In the center of the table I used a wood cheese board for my platter. A flower arrangement in a mercury glass, a geometric bowl for matchbooks from local restuarants, and an amethsyt from a Estes Park trip finish the vignette. 

Intro to Interior Styling | 8 Principles of Styling:

This image is from one of my favorite interior design blogs, SFGirlByBay.

Bling : The glass here acts as a simple piece of bling. As well as the gold frames around the photos.

Botanical : This might be reaching, but the only pieces of botanics I could find here was the greenery in the picture of the California seaside - which is a clever substitute. I have many plants, so I don't think I'll have any issue incorportaing them in my vingettes.

Shape : The round glass toppers, the piece of beachwood, the vases, and the sitting chair all have strong interesting shapes and curvatures.

Placement : The collection of ceramic vases make a great placement. As well as stacking books gives the eye larger areas of shapes to focus on.

Need : The need here is storage and a place to cozy up for a read, or additional seating for guests.

Texture : The sheepskin and wool rug create plenty of texture. 

Pattern : A minimal graphic area rug adds the element of pattern.

Color : Some might say black, white, and natural wood aren't colors. But for my home I enjoy the relaxing effect this simple palette has.


I have just moved into a new apartment and am now adjusting to my new space and trying to adopt a cultivated and welcoming home in my style. I'm drawn to natural elements, colors, and minimalist styling. 


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