FINISHED: Precious Metal

Precious metals, gilded edges, plated feathers and lace.

Delicate embroidery, heavy in gold and sparkle.

Contrasting soft and hard.

Glinting details lost in fogs of taffeta and drapery.

Gentle moving lights. Touches of nostalgia and childhood whimsy.

Memories. Important milestones.

Shiny Spakling Sequins embody the moment colour begins to move and therefore comes alive.

The sacred and symbollic.

'One day i'll fly away'.

Dreams. Hopes. Power.

Angels. Eagels. Goddesses.

Captured/Free. Structure/Flow.

Natures bounty. 

Pearls of the sea. Metal of the earth. Light of the sky. Feathers if the wind.

If i was precious i would wear...

Billowy, loose, floaty, transparent. Strong pattern. Glinting embroidery.

Strong shoulders, feathers, powerful, deity.

The final sketch:

Ive painted up both of my sketches just to see which I prefer. 

I'm not keen on the blues pose still but I love the dove grey blue and gold of the dress its inspired by so I think it's worth pushing on with it.

i much prefer the gold feather dress as the gold and white colours are challenging to capture and I just know the embellishments I plan to enhance this with will really complete it. I also prefer the way I've drawn and painted the model.


I then embellished with various gold and nude glitters and gold rhinestones.


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