FINISHED PROJECT - Sleep Succubus | Skillshare Projects




I started making a list of topic ideas I might what to continue developing.

I went with a nightmare inducing succubus.

Then I made several lists of written ideas that I can develop visually.

Then I started to draw out designs in a 3/4 view.

After I visually figured out the design of the body and face, I choose the one I liked the best.

At this stage I drew out thumbnails to figure out the composition of the image and pose of the character.

As I was drawing the thumbnails, I was writing down new ideas.

Then I continued visually developing the pose, hair, and tilt of the head.

Now I felt confident in doing the final image. I pulled up several reference images of anorexic woman to look at while digitally drawing.

I went with a triangle composition and a frontal s-curve like pose.

Then I added photo overlays dream catchers to my succubus character's head ornaments to push the idea of a nightmare inducing demon.

I realized that anorexic people have a unique gap between their thighs. I also wasn't satisfied with the believability of the hair.

Then pushed the composition by lighting the base of the image. And added a bit of photo overlays for the bed cover and background.

And that's my character.


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