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Ever wanted to draw a queen, always did some sketches and nothing came close to what I wanted. Once Mike Butkys step and did a search for the face. As I work with robots, the human figure has always been one of my problems ...
My idea was to make a queen with a mysterious character. The queen showing in his eyes, seduction, respect and be ruthless. 28 years to 30 years

Reference used in the face

Here, the outline of the idea without clothes and some details, I'll try to keep references

Painting the project in grayscale

After painting grayscale scan was coming, so I did some light adjustments in photoshop and got some things.


Man-Crocodile Turtle


Another sketch, quite liked it, I'll do some poses. My idea was to make a turtle mixed with the human body





Final Project 


After that, Mike decided to put the tips into practice made ​​an outline on the sheet. And he did a good research of anatomy and read some books. So I came to this result, I used the hint that Mike talked about 10 heads, and I am very grateful for that, it was a question that was always in the drawing, and then tried to create an angle to the arm to look as it is coming out of their magic hands, like a ball of energy, now I'm going to digital and make some adjustments and paint ...


After the project was to digital and made ​​some adjustments on his face, as proportions and accented some values ​​:)


Another part of the illustration, painting in grayscale

Adding color to the drawing


My idea was to get in her hand appeared as a power with smoke and light like a ball of energy. I have used some brushes in photoshop to make this effect

In the background I added an orange tone like a fire, looking like she are in a battle, I wanted to give more prominence to the character, so I had this idea to put another shade of color in the background. I left her eye with the same color tone of magic, so it looks like that this power is within her

This is my finished drawing, fix the errors and put into practice what Mike had said. Have enlarged her body to create a more feminine and more attractive, character and also the rule of 10 heads. Criticism and suggestions are welcome :)


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