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First few sketches for project.

This is the pose i am going for. like mike said, I started with simple forms then exaggerated the pose. she has torn clothes. she's a outcast, left to fend for herself, in an extremely hostile environment, with only two mystical swords to defend herself is the look i was going for :)

I wasn't liking how the face was looking so I had to change it.

A few thumbnail anatomy gestures and poses i might choose for the finished version. I also tried to get a better idea of the characters characteristics.

blade designs. Maybe she can switch between different blades for different effects

First step towards colours. I decided to go with the first pose I did but changed it a little. I drew in the anatomy first before drawing the outfit and details.

outfit and details drawn in. still a little bit unfinished

A little of track but I wanted to get a little sense of what the environment, in which she has to survive in, looks like. The dog you can see in there is her companion which ill use for the beast project (why not link the two projects together:)), or maybe do some monsters that she has to fight off. 

using the prisma colours for the first time has really helped. because the lead is so soft and its tougher to erase I have to be a lot more careful where i place my lines. plus i get better scans :)

some facial expressions. her face looks a little different because i didnt refer back the other drawing I did. 

This is a rough thumbnail drawing of her beast companion. im pretty much a beginner when it comes to animal anatomy and probably had to erase this drawing about 100 times.

Some practise before going in with colours.

Colours. As im new to colours guessed it wasnt wise to paint want i initially wanted too. so I went with a simple face. Im glad because this was hard enough lol but I enjoyed doing it and learnt a lot.

A noticable mistake I think I made with the highlights was on the head. I did a quick fix in photoshop of how it should look.

Beast project anatomy. 

Beast project complete. Really enjoyed using pencil colours and gray paper. 

Our hero with her companion. I increased the size of the beast and drew the face a lot larger. I really wanted to show the difference between their head masses.

Iv been fortunate enough that a writer as seen the work for this project and would like to turn it in to a comic! so I should be working on that sometime in the year.

Maybe dinosaurs will feature in the comic. Second attempt at colours. I liked the way it come out but it still feels like im winging it, a lot of guess work.

Some more colours. Watercolours, colour pencils, and gesso. 

Very excited about the comic coming up. The title of the comic is called Tribal Lines and its set in on a different planet with all kinds of weird and hostile ceatures, monsters, and tribes. I have a twitter acount for the comic book if you guys want to check it out!


Pygmy warriors will be a feature in the comic. This is a design i did for them.

With the different mediums Iv learnt from the project I decided to do some fan art. I also wanted to practise more with highlights. I used photoshop for the highlights. I used a mouse so its not as accurate as I would like it to be but its ok with leaning the placing of the highlights. Shiny Catwoman!


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