FINISHED! NYC apartment makeover

In NYC, space is limited, so the real challenge was figuring out a way to live comfortably with two office spaces, two dogs, and another human in a one bedroom apartment. A soulution was lot's of shelving so I got my organization practice in. 

I had a lot of fun moving things around the apartment a time or five. I would have to say my favorite space is the bedroom. We ditched a loft bed and got creative with cinderblocks and it made a really big difference. 

There isn't any real order of pictures. I forgot to take before pictures so the ones I posted were the two taken during the process. Hopefully it shows I learned a little something. Any feedback is appreciated!



lving room


Living room and workspace

My fiance is a bartender so it was awesome to get a piece of furniture that could house all of his liquor

and here is the bedroom



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