FINIS T-Shirt Design

Hello All!

My name is Jacob and I'm a swimmer. I'm also the president of a small swim club within San Jose, CA and one of the main reasons why I joined this class was to design a t-shirt for our team. We don't really have a team or brand identity established for the club, so this is why I have chosen FINIS (fin-ee-s) as the main brand for this project. FINIS is a company that designs and manufactures innovative swimming equipment and swimwear for all types of swimmers. My plan is to design a t-shirt for FINIS, but have this design be universal enough to be able to develop it further into a personal t-shirt for our team, with minor changes. Aside from the swim club, I am studying product/industrial design, so I hope to implement some strategies or processes of establishing design goals to achieve in this project. 

The second reason why I joined this class is due to the fact that existing swimming t-shirts kind of suck. They are a rarity, the existing graphic designs are often bland, and some quotes are often hard to understand if you are not a swimmer. I believe that part of the reason for wearing a swimming t-shirt is to exercise our love for the sport and to share with others how swimming has had a meaningful impact on our lives in developing aspects of who we are as individuals.

Looking at the FINIS brand in relation to their apparel, FINIS is able to express a multitude of styles since the majority of their suits are fully customizable. Above you can see a few of the many suits they have designed for teams throughout the world. Other than their competitive suits, they don't have many other suits or apparel that truly represent their brand. These suits also lack the expression and creativity seen throughout their custom suits. I see this as an opportunity to express more personality shown within their custom suits into a more brand central design for the t-shirt. The t-shirt should also represent what it means to be a swimmer since FINIS is very passionate about the sport of swimming.

Above is a compilation of images showing inspirational graphic styles, typography, and color options. I explored a range of possible styles to use on the t-shirt design looking for styles that would both relate to the FINIS brand as well as give it a new personality. At the moment I'm leaning towards a more minimal graphic style, fluid-like typographical elements, and possibly incorporating some aspects of humor into the shirt to give it character and keep things fun. 

I figured I have three possible directions I can go with the shirt design:

  1. All graphics/iconography
  2. All typographical
  3. A mix of both graphic and typographical

Personally, I'd like to add some sort of statement to the shirt, but I will be open to all three directions when coming up with concepts. As for the statement, I have come up with some ideas of what it could say.

  • Swim, like a shark is chasing you
  • Just add water/H2O
  • Oxygen is such a crutch
  • Chlorine, a real man's cologne
  • Got water?
  • Get wet
  • Sleep, Eat, Swim, Dominate/Win/Destroy
  • Water is our Element

Up next... Concepts! 


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