{FINAL} unassuming allure

{FINAL} unassuming allure - student project


The illustration started with a very soft (6B) lead pencil for loose lines with weight variation.  After the framework for the illustration was laid down, I added three layers of light watercolor wash; this was to allow for pale skin and a white dress, without it feeling too animated.  Her pose is the most animated part of the look, with all the visual tension coming together at her hands and cheeks.  To embellish, but maintaint the softness of the color palette, a added highlights of irredescent fine-grain glitter and a little bit of metallic ink on her bracelets.

{FINAL} unassuming allure - image 1 - student project


Layering on the first round of color.

{FINAL} unassuming allure - image 2 - student project

{FINAL} unassuming allure - image 3 - student project

{FINAL} unassuming allure - image 4 - student project

{FINAL} unassuming allure - image 5 - student project


Sketching images that have an interest in the body position.

{FINAL} unassuming allure - image 6 - student project

{FINAL} unassuming allure - image 7 - student project


There are beautiful moments in life that, if overlooked, one would miss out on.  The same can be said for captured.  Despite a neutral palette or a stationary subject, I find that in most of these instances, the simplicity of the content is what allows more complex nuances to make themselves known when further studied.  That, and they are just pretty when put together for inspiration.

{FINAL} unassuming allure - image 8 - student project

Image 1, 2, 3

{FINAL} unassuming allure - image 9 - student project

Image 4, 5

{FINAL} unassuming allure - image 10 - student project

Image 6, 7, 8

More inspiration for this class can be found on my Illustrating Runway Fashion pinboard.