FINAL embellishment/watercolor Melissa Nadine fashion illustration

This class has been so inspiring!  I have loved seeing everyone's work and learning new tips and tricks.  At the beginning of this class, I collected a whole bunch of inspiration photos, mainly because I am obsessed with Pinterest.  After that, I sketched some of my favorites.  Some made it to the next step of watercolor, some didn't.  That's okay... they don't all make the cut :)  The final embellishment process was something that is totally new to me and I totally fell in love with it!  It adds such beautiful texture and sparkle to the piece!  One thing that's tricky is scanning the image and picking up the beauty of the glitter.  I still need to work on that, but I love how my four pieces turned out!  Which is your favorite?  I would love feedback!  

I also have an illustration blog over at http://melissa-nadine.blogspot.com  

I have enjoyed "meeting" people through this class and hope to see you all in the next PaperFashion class!  :) 






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