I did two final watercolors for this project.  One of the runway looks and one inspired by the rest of the class really.  

I loved the sparkle and shine on these Elie Saab dresses but also the fact that they seem to still flow despite the shiny hardware. I loved the jewel tones - the yellow and emerald had me thinking of the Wizard of Oz.

The sparkly emerald Elie Saab dress.  Needs some color and sparkle.  I am having trouble getting used to softer pencils and all lines seem to be coming out thick.

Another try with a lighter pencil.

The next set of dresses are more dreamy and pastels but with lots of embellishments. The first one is by Oscar de la Renta and the next three by Elie Saab. 

This one was difficult for me but wanted to give it a try.

Her legs are a little off center and I found it harder to get a sense of flow in the short skirt.

And an Oscar de la Renta which I really liked once I saw the side view

A  light sketch of the turquoise and pido Oscar de la Renta

The softer/darker pencils.

Just some free sketches working on technique.


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