FINAL UPDATED- LOUD or quiet - student project


Deer in the Woods

FINAL UPDATED- LOUD or quiet - image 1 - student project

Final Piece

I went with the deer for the final. It went through many many edits and changes. There were different colours and textures going on and some of the versions were way to much. I think it is at a point now that I am happy with the end result. Thanks everyone for your feedback! (I still appreciate more if you see something else I should change.) 


So I think I have narrowed my ideas down to the deer in the forest. It was the one that was giving me the most inspiration this weekend and I have alot of ideas of where I am going to go with this. Here is the piece so far. I started blocking shadow in the deer. I still need to work on definition in the birch trees, I think I will add some ferns too and then maybe a few flowers in red, etc. I also will probably do some more with the ground and the background. We will see...

Please, any feedback is helpful. (I know it is not far yet but since I am normally a photoshop user and this is my first time at illustrator I am trying to challenge myself to figure it out. It just takes forever. ;) ) Thanks!

FINAL UPDATED- LOUD or quiet - image 2 - student project

FINAL UPDATED- LOUD or quiet - image 3 - student project


I have played around with a few of my ideas today. I think I am having an off day since they really aren't working how I want them to yet. I think I will try again tomorrow and post updates later. :(

FINAL UPDATED- LOUD or quiet - image 4 - student project

FINAL UPDATED- LOUD or quiet - image 5 - student project




So I started brainstorming some ideas with a word grid. I found that i lean more towards loud than quiet. Maybe it is just the mood I am in today since I had to design some posters all day for work with the babies in the childcare room nextdoor screaming, or maybe it was the packed train on the way home. Anyway, as I was brainstorming I was able to lump some similar ideas together.

Of course it wasn't just images that came into my head to start but shapes and colours. Usually my process involves a colour or colour scheme that inspires me and then I work around that but this time I just tried to focus on the emotion of each word to knock out some ideas. 

Here is my word web:

FINAL UPDATED- LOUD or quiet - image 6 - student project

FINAL UPDATED- LOUD or quiet - image 7 - student project
Picture 1 was of course just a baby screaming. Probably thinking very geometric and/or stylized. emphasis on the mouth. 

FINAL UPDATED- LOUD or quiet - image 8 - student project

Pic 2 was quiet. A cat in a quiet house in a sunbeam. Very pastel probably and lots of yellow I'm thinking. 

Pic 3 involves mostly Shapes and lines. The shapes will reverberate visually and overlap or echo each other to show movement. I also have some stars popping out of the background. I have tangerine, fushia, purple, yellow and black running around in my head. 

FINAL UPDATED- LOUD or quiet - image 9 - student project

FINAL UPDATED- LOUD or quiet - image 10 - student project

I think overall I unsure which one I am leaning towards right now. I like the new idea of the deer as well. I think I willplay with the colour a bit and then see which one feels better. Any feedback or suggestions?