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FINAL! Thank you Katie

Hello Katie

Thank you for providing this wonderful course and thank you for helping me find my inner illustrator : ) 

Best wishes xxo

Here is my final runway illustration. Hope you can see the's kind of everywhere! 

Scroll to bottom for recent sketch/watercolour updates : ) xxo

Dream beyond.

Where birds live in my crown.

And we can be.


Not me.



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Update -Sketches

Here is my first sketch.

  I don't have an A3 scanner (therefore please excuse only half pics)  I've ordered some aquarelle block paper and it will arrive next Tuesday. ( the joys of living in a country town...) so for now I am using a rough textured water color paper. I'm really surprised at how my sketch turned out!

I'm quite happy with her considering this is my very first attempt at fashion/people illustration! and don't wish to ruin by possible watercolor disaster so I will be using this one as a template to make a watercolor mono-print image from.

How I planned my sketch -

I've used my second image face with my first image headpiece. The gown is from the fifth image. my normal drawing wisdom (lol) I have my image over two seperate pieces of paper. (Also another reason to use her as a a mono-print template.

I would really love some constructive feedback please!  And let me know if you have some sketches posted too : )

Update - Sketches

the following image stood out to me as one I would love to draw. I can't believe I can actually draw like this. I've been doing abstract images forever because I believed that I couldn't draw. well - I know they're not masterpieces but I'm so happy. Thank you Katie for giving me this opportunity. I am in awe of you xxo. I went to art school and you have taught me more techniques and skills and how to find my style in 3 days than I ever learnt in 2 years. wow!

I'm really sorry for the quality of my images - I'm making do with an old scanner. This is my second sketch in progress. I seriously can't believe I can do this! I'm going to turn her skirt into something with more flair but still keep it just below the knees. I really like her socks in sandals look. lol. who'da thought. How is everyone else going?? Can't wait to see how talented you all are!!! I'm crazy excited and sooooo inspired!

Sketch Update 15/03/13

Okies. I've finished the second sketch and have completed another one too. Now for watercolor. here goes.....eeekkk this is scary adding watercolor..... ok I will be brave...

these new ones are taken with my camera as they are a3 size. When I've finished the color and embelishments (yay!) I will get them professionally scanned for my final upload!!

Water Colour Update 16th March

Adding watercolour is scary!! I'm so afraid that I will mess up. so..

I've decided to go a step further and do a watercolour monoprint onto my sketch. Here is the plate that I'm preparing with watercolour...

(If I mess up on the plate I can easily wipe it off and start again).

I will print it thru the press tomorrow then stretch it so it doesn't warp. When it's dry I'll upload what it turns out to be. So excited!!  I need to paint in the little birdie and I'd like to to add a few more layers/shadow to it tonight and let it dry for the print.

I will try some direct watercolour painting with one of the other sketches. I really love adding a print dimension to my sketches as I am a printmaker at heart xxo

Here is my watercolour after printing. I have gone over it with a brush to add some deeper colour. I gave her emerald eyes : )    Now for some pretty glitter! And maybe a few more darker lines with my sharpie.  And some fluffy emerald feathers for bird.

below are the other sketches with wc in progress. I think they will look better with detail lines to make make them pop.


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