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FINAL SKETCHES: Elie Saab Emerald Dress and Pink Floral Dress

As I was searching through Pinterest, I found that I was most inspired by fanciful, feminine styles that strutted down the runways. Also, extremes attracted me; either very bright colors or very soft colors. My favorite piece from this moodboard is the emerald green dress in the center. A simple, elegant design with a bright color, this dress is beyond fabulous. Also, since the dress itself has a slight shimmer to it, I have tons of inspiration for my sketch.

Here is my initial sketch of this beautiful, elegant dress by one of my favorite designers, Elie Saab. The flowing lines, and vibrant color inspired me. I am very excited to add the color and finishing touches to this design, and ideas are spinning through my mind. The thing that helped me the most was being able to watch Katie draw, as her methods helped my illustration.

After submitting my first sketch, I recieved some comments about being a little less literal. So, I freed up my hand a bit and made the hemline less rigid. Also, I accentuated the waist more to add drama. 

After looking closely at my sketch, I just wasn't happy with the way it fell. So, I started over and came up with this. The waist is even more accentuated, and the hem is more flowing. 

I also added a new watercolor, based on this beautiful dress I stumbled upon whilst browsing the labrynths of Pinterest. I love the movement in the dress, and the color and texture are beautiful as well. I am very anxious to embellish it!

I went with polka dots because I felt the dress needed a bit of pattern, and also because I was forcing myself to be less literal. (It was hard!) In the end I feel very proud of my sketch.

This is my favorite sketch I have ever done. I added floral motifs with glitter (Martha Stewart from any craft store...super great and the kind Katie had in her video) in a random pattern. I also love the color and shape.

Here is my final for the green Elie Saab dress. I a darkened some of the lines to balance out the dots. I apologize for the picture quality, but it is a cloudy day and my camera isn't very good. (The picture above were taken on sunny days, hence the better quality.) 


Since no revisions were needed, I used the most recent picture from my project. This is hanging n my wall as we speak.....it is by far my favorite.

I learned so much from watching Katie draw. She was very helpful in her comments, and her tips really helped. This was super fun! I enjoyed getting to meet all of you through your beautiful work....thanks all!


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