FINAL PROJECT!! - Nature+Glam

I am finally very happy with my end results. I didn't know the projects were due today, and I was rushing. I was so rushed that I forgot to put the flower neckalace! But I really like the simplicity of this. I hope you like my project. The first sketches were hideous, but I thought I'd keep them there to show you the importance of inspiration. Guess when I was feeling VERY  inspired.... (: 

I still plan to make the red one... that one is in the process... taking me time!!!!! (which is exactly what I don't have). 


I plan to add ALL the details with the paint. So, this is a really basic outline.

So sorry for the HORRIBLE quality. I don't have a scanner in my disposition, but for the finished peice I plan to have a friend scan it for me.

These were done in my sketchbook, not the actual watercolor. 


First runway. Then photography. Then fashion photography. There's so much to look at, and it's so hard to pick and choose. I'm leaning more towards floral, glitter, and natue. Complete opposites, but combined make a fabulous, unforgettable look. 


this one doesn't really fit my descritption. BUT I COULDN'T HELP IT!!!!!!!



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