FINAL PROJECT: Amplifying my blog post

Assignment 3

This is what I did to get my blog post out there:

1. Post link on Facebook - I only have a private page, no separate one for the blog. Should I?

2. Tweet the link - I did this twice, at different times of the day. I have mostly European and North American readers so I aim for mornings for both groups.

3. Went through my Google Reader, visited other blogs and left comments.

I got nine comments and I usually get 4 or 5. This blog post is the first one of mine that was shared by a reader on Twitter, so that's kinda cool. :-)

Any comments or suggestions?


Assignment 2

My (hopefully) engaging blog post is here. Can't wait to have your feedback!

Assignment 1

I write a blog at www.createyourworld.me but, although I have a few steady readers, I always wish I could write better and more meaningful posts, in addiion to the general personal ones I already do.

Here are three blog posts that inspired me:

1. Creating the genuine connections we long for - Zen Habits

All posts on this blog are well-written and inspirational. They have personal examples amid the general guidelines and they don't sound preachy. That's something I worry about in posts like these, that they sound pretentious and like 'my way of living is better than yours'

2. How blogging sometimes makes me hesitant to read - Iris on Books

Iris is primarily a book blogger. That's how I started too, I branched out only recently. In this post, she writes about some of the issues that come with blogging about books. I loved it because it was very honest and I could really identify with what she said. It's hard to be completely honest when you know loads of people would disagree with you.

3. The Quinoa Revolution - Beth Fish Reads

It's not this particular post that I find inspiring, it's the community-building event. The blogger identified a need and brings people who love food and cooking - mostly book bloggers who love food and cooking  together each weekend. They share recipes and thoughts and I think it's great. I also find it great that she manages to keep to her schedule. I've never seen her miss a week.


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