FINAL Milestone 3 complete

FINAL Milestone 3 complete - student project

I have been inspired by videos seen on Kickstarter. One in particular was the video created to provide information and get the ball rolling for the eventually successful GoldieBlox (

I don't know if I will create a Kickstarter project for Project:IDWIL (currently just a blog at, but that type of informational/inspirational storytelling type of video is what I am going for.

Also, Project:IDWIL will ultimately be a collection of short videos, so I would love to learn enough in this class to be able to develop standards and workflows to make the process of editing and publishing the video content in an efficient manner.

Final Project:

Link to vimeo:

I was pretty happy with where I was on the final 30 second cut, so I didn't change too much. By going to about a 60 sec video, I just wanted to use the extra time to showcase more of the festival. The main story of "day = art being created" and night is more of a party was amped up a bit by providing two separate soundtracks and making the transition a bit more obvious with text treatment.

FINAL Milestone 3 complete - image 1 - student project

Extra Credit Storyboard:

Okay, I haven't gotten the audio capture yet, but I do have to admit that I was inspired enough to start. Once I started laying things out, I thought that I would apply my time to the actual project that lead me to this class - an intro video for a project that I am working on. So instead of limiting myself to the 30-45 sec suggestion, I went with time constraints that I had given myself before this class - 2m 50s. Here is the layout so far. Each block has notes, though you can't see it here. The timeline shows all the same image, but they are all specced out appropriately when viewed in the preview monitor.

FINAL Milestone 3 complete - image 2 - student project

Milestone #2:

Screenshot below.

Link to vimeo:

Although there was a lot of material covered for this last stage, I felt like I learned some really good fundamental processes where I had kind of taught myself some bad habits in the past. I ended up rebuilding the whole project using these more efficient ways - it was quicker due to the tools as well as the fact that I went in with clips Favorited and a basic idea of what I was building. I think that with this footage, not a lot of effects were really needed - I did a few for the sake of the project and for experience. Transition: I used a couple of cross dissolves - I prefer not to use much more than that as I feel many of the transitions are kind of hokey.  I did not use a secondary storyline because I didn't have more than one clip on my secondary layer and I did not use a  compound clip because I did not need to apply any effects to the overall piece or use it as an event for anything else.  Editing audio levels were easier once I understood the play range/ducking technique. 

FINAL Milestone 3 complete - image 3 - student project

Milestone #1:

Link to vimeo:

I don't know if it is inappropriate to stray from the guidance of the lessons, but as I worked and re-work my process, I found that this worked best: Since I wanted to focus on certain voice clips to be the drivers of my storyline, I got those established first, then layered the imagery of the festival on top. Since 30 seconds is such a short amount of time, I had to pick my strategy and stick with it. I approached this as a promotional video for the festival, so with eventual text treatments, I'll be able to give a viewer that doesn't know about the festival what it is like to be there as opposed to focusing on the specific artists. 

FINAL Milestone 3 complete - image 4 - student project