FINAL Embellished! Floral Feeling

Hello All!

So excited to be taking this course!

What I want to focus on with my illustration is TEXTURE. I feel like many of my current drawings (be they water color, marker, etc) end up feeling very flat. So, with that in mind, I decided I wanted to pull some looks that had a textural feel to them, either through the fabric, pattern, or embellishment used on the garment.

Since I love florals so much, I gathered up some looks that use different takes on floral to create a uniquely surfaced garment.

Embellished Watercolors!!

And here is the other look, which I re-did the sketch for! Much happier with it now.

First go. Not really happy with the colors on this one. Turned out really muddy! Thinking of re-drawing this one, I really liked the skirt of the dress.

These two are my favorite. I love the pants look, it's Valentino. 

Rich Color

Embroidery / Full skirt

Same embroidery, different fabrication / body

Love this dress. Sheer / Embroidery / Color

Laser cut texture?

Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!



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