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I don't discriminate when it comes to fashion.  I studied YSL years ago and still love his collection. But honestly, I love it all!  I love a flowy dress, that to me screams femininity!I adore ruffles, bows and glitter and just about anything with an open back.  

These are a few of the dresses that get my creative juices flowing.

I put a few of my drawings on cases for my phone! 

I love the way they turned out!!




Changed the pose up a bit before adding color.

Color to the bottom for flowers, white gel pen to the top to define the lace

Embelishment to the bottom and a little flower for the hair :)

I felt a bit more comfortable with the watercolor - REALLY enjoyed doing this dress!!

Left, a little too much pencil shading, Right, less shading

Color is added ~ I was SO nervous to add the color!  Not completely thrilled with it overall, but for my first, I"m satisfied.    This photo, before glitter.

Final dress, with glitter on the front of the dress and for the necklace.

Trying my hand at LESS....less shadow,  lines and face.  

Less Shadow.  Before and After

Less Shadow, a little less line.  Before and After

Drawn with more line - no shadow (and more hip)  :)



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