FINAL - Color Me Pretty


I love ultra feminine dresses - dresses that speak about the softer, romantic side of life. 


I cannot for the life of me figure out why my sketches are sideways, but hopefully you don't mind turning your head a little :) 

It was really tough to not be a crazy perfectionist with the sketch. I wanted them to be exact so being really loose with the pencil was difficult. The sketches aren't everything I want them to be, but I'm going to to go with it and see how they turn out! I'm so excited to get color on the bow dress, and do the embellishments on the short dress. 


Watercolor has been really fun! It took me a lot of practice pieces to figure out how to get it to flow right, and to get me used to being loose with it, but I'm like what I've come up with! Again, no idea how to flip the pictures around, and I don't have a scanner, so iphone pictures will have to do! 

I've been staring at the Marchesa dress worn by Olivia Wilde (up in my inspiration section) for days, thinking about how much fun it would be to illustrate, but I've been really doubting my ability to bring it to life. I finally just DID it tonight and I love  it. I didn't give myself the room on the paper to give the dress the train it needs, but "inspired by" doesn't mean "exactly like", so I'm going with it :) Assuming I don't royally screw up the rest of it, I'm liking this for my final piece! We will see what the next few days bring.


Glitter is a lot harder than it looks! I thought I could just throw it on there and ta-da! a sparkly perfect picture. Oh how wrong I was. Aside from getting glitter EVERYWHERE, this too is a skill that obviously takes practice. Some of my practice pieces had too much glitter, or I didn't blend it right, but in the end I like what I did with these three pieces. I want to add some ink to bring out the folds in the dresses, but I'm terrified I'll ruin them. I forgot to take a picture of the pink dress after I finished painting it and before I added glitter, but the other two were from the watercolor I had previous done.


I learned so much doing this class- thank you Katie! 


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