FINAL (3.23.13) - FLY


3.23 - I cannot believe how much fun it is to use  watercolors!  This is my first attempt (why didn't I try this 20 yrs ago?).  I have much to learn in way of shading/shadows (and all aspects of drawing, for that matter) and am looking forward to getting that skill under my belt.  Despite my inadequacies, I absolutely love the feel of the brush and the beautiful colors and of course, the glamour of glitter!  I'm traveling on the road for work, and the scanner I used somehow allowed strange shadows on the final pieces.  It's the best I can do w/ what I have though, so I am happy!  I have loved this opportunity to learn!



3.19 - I added a couple more.  I kept w/ the portrayed spacing/design on these two.  I'm hoping to change the portrayed colors/textures w/ watercolor and embellishments. 

3. 17 - I have zero experience in drawing and zero experience in all other art mediums for that matter (I always chose the singing/acting/dancing route).  So, attempting what so many others make appear effortless, in trying to sketch a couple of designs has been a humbling experience.  I appreciate all of your talent and abilities!  And, am hoping to develop my own. :)

For whatever reason, I wanted to slighlty modify designs and/or space of the original photos (and please forgive blank spaces - my scanner did not pick up all of the lines actually drawn).


A few years ago, I jumped out of an airplane and flew at 120 mph.  The parachute opened (thank goodness), and I continued to fly - a bit slower - yet, still suspended in space, defying gravity for just a few moments longer.

I chose these images because in them I see the energy of movement, graceful defiance and determined confidence.  I see gravity lose.


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