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Attempting to turn a short script I have into an animated piece. Originally written for live action, so it may very well not work at all! Guess we'll find out -- LET'S RIDE!!

The screenplay tells the story of Janne, the lone caregiver of a remote estate, and her delusions of grandeur. Starved for interaction, she defends the grounds and caters to the property's absentee owners (her wealthy grandparents), who never make good on their promise to visit. One day while out riding Janne runs into a lost camper named Oscar and finds herself inexplicably attracted to him. She tries to help him to find his campsite but when it starts getting dark Janne decides to lead Oscar back to the ranch house so she can escort him off the property directly. At the house, she figures it won't hurt to feed him something and let him clean up before sending him on his way, but as she invites him in she catches sight of a small bite mark on his wrist. Because the property is cursed with toxic rodents and Oscar has been infected, Janne knows he will soon begin transforming into a horrible monster. She also knows that the only way to save his life is to cause him to ejaculate the poison...



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